POLYOX™ WSR Coagulant

POLYOX™ WSR Coagulant water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer commonly used as a film former and rheology modifier in personal care and concrete applications.
Product Overview
POLYOX™ WSR Coagulant is a non-ionic, water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer with a molecular weight of 5,000,000. The lubricity provided by films made of POLYOX™ WSR Coagulant make it an ideal resin for the manufacture of lubricant strips used on razors. POLYOX™ WSR Coagulant is also a useful additive for concrete and cement applications. It imparts a highly pseudoplastic rheology to cement and concrete that help to decrease energy requirements for pumping and extrusion. POLYOX™ WSR Coagulant dramatically decreases the frictional drag of water making it an ideal additive for fire-fighting solutions.
Product Specifications
Viscosity: 5500 - 7500 cP
Silicon dioxide: 0.8 - 3.0 WT%
Primary Chemistry: Poly(ethylene oxide)
Features & Benefits
High binding efficiency
Low toxicity
Reduction of frictional drag
Problems Solved
High pump pressure of shotcrete that damages equipment
High energy demands for extrusion
Lack of lubrication
Concrete; Cement; Shotcrete; Lubricant strips; Fire-fighting additive

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