CP 730-1-20% Xylene

CP 730-1-20% Xylene is a solution grade polyolefin adhesion promoter used as the active material in automotive primers due to fuel and humidity resistance.
Product Overview
CP 730-1 is a chlorinated polyolefin that is used in automotive primers. It offers outstanding fuel, solvent, and humidity resistance and ensures adhesion of base coats and top coats to plastics used in automobiles including polypropylene, TPO, ABS, and other non-olefin based plastics. CP 730-1-20% Xylene is the solution grade of CP 730-1 at 20% solids in Xylene.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Liquid
Color: Yellow
Odor: Slightly aromatic
Specific gravity: <1
Boiling point: 135°C
Viscosity at 25°C: 300-400 mPa.s
Solubility in water: Negligible
Flash point, Pensky-Martens closed cup: 40°C
Thermal decomposition temperature (DSC): No exotherm
to 450°C
Primary Chemistry: Chlorinated Polyolefin
Features & Benefits
Excellent adhesion to thermoplastics and polypropylene plastics
Excellent humidity resistance
Excellent gasoline resistance
Problems Solved
Inability to dissolve CP 730-1-100% in order to formulate an automotive primer.
Adhesion failure of automotive coatings when exposed to gasoline.
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