AP 550-1-25% Aromatic 100

Eastman AP 550-1-25% Aromatic 100 is a non-chlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoter supplied at 25% solids in aromatic 100. It provides improved adhesion to polypropylene and thermoplastic olefins.
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Product Overview
Eastman AP 550-1 provides an excellent adhesion to a variety of plastic substrates especially polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic olefins (TPO). It is ideal for 2-part polyurethanes and 1-part topcoats applied on PP and TPO substrates. Eastman AP 550-1-25% Aromatic 100 is supplied at 25% solid content dissolved in aromatic 100 solvent.
Product Specifications
Form: Viscous liquid
Color: Yellow
Odor: Aromatic
Specific gravity in water: Negligible
Flash point (Pesky-Martens closed cup): 46,8°C
Thermal decomposition Temperature (DSC): No exotherm to 500°C
Primary Chemistry: Modified polyolefins
Features & Benefits
Excellent performance under 2K urethane coatings
Excellent adhesion and gasoline resistance
Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon solvents such as xylene, toluene and aromatic 100
Can be used as a primer or an additive
Improved flexibility and weathering resistance
Problems Solved
Environmental health and safety concerns regarding the use of halogens.
Poor adhesion of 2K urethane coatings to plastic and metal surfaces.
Adhesion failure of automotive coatings upon exposure to gasoline.
Automotive basecoat, automotive primers, polyurethane coatings,1-part automotive topcoat and a variety of industrial coatings.