AP 550-1-25% Xylene

Eastman AP 550-1-25% Xylene is a non-chlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoter supplied at 25% solid content and dissolved in Xylene solvent. It provides excellent adhesion to polypropylene and thermoplastic olefins.
Product Overview
Eastman AP 550-1 provides excellent adhesion to a variety of plastic substrates, especially polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic olefins (TPO). It is ideal for 2-part polyurethanes and 1-part topcoats applied on PP and TPO substrates. AP 550-1-25% Xylene is supplied at 25% solid content dissolved in aromatic 100 solvent.
Product Specifications
Form: Viscous liquid
Color: Yellow
Odor: Aromatic
Specific gravity in water: <1
Boiling point: 137-144°C
Solubility: Negligible
Flash point (Pesky-Martens closed cup): 46,8°C
Thermal decomposition temperature (DSC): No exotherm to 500°C
Primary Chemistry: Modified Polyolefin
Features & Benefits
Excellent performance in 2K urethane coatings
Excellent adhesion and gasoline resistance
Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon solvents such as xylene, toluene and aromatic 100
Can be used as a primer or an additive
Improved UV and humidity resistance
High solvent resistance
Problems Solved
Restrictions that prevent the use of halogenated chemicals in a formulation.
Poor adhesion of automotive coatings.
Adhesion failure of coatings that are exposed to fuel.
Automotive basecoat, automotive primers, 2K polyurethane coatings,1-part automotive topcoat and many other industrial coating applications.