Advantis 510W

Advantis 510W is a waterborne, chlorine-free and APEO free adhesion promoter. It is ideal for use in water based primers and coatings to provide improved adhesion to plastics.
Product Overview
Advantis 510W is primarily used as a blend-in additive in water-based primers and coatings for improved adhesion to plastics such as PP and TPO. Advantis 510W is ideal for automotive basecoats and primers used on plastic substrates such as bumpers and plastic interiors. It also provides excellent adhesion to non-flame treated EPDM rubber-modified polypropylene substrates.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Off-white milky liquid
Solids: 24 wt %
[email protected] 25°C: 8
Neutralization: Amine
Shelf life 1 year: No significant change
@40C, 4 weeks: No significant change
Viscosity at 25°C: < 75 cP
Water: 76 wt %
Density: 970 g/l (8.1 lbs/gal)
Particle Size: 0.03 microns
Tg: < 0°C
Primary Chemistry: Modified polyolefins
Features & Benefits
APEO and halogen-free
VOC compliant
Excellent compatibility with a variety of waterborne resins
Superior adhesion
Hydrocarbon solvents resistance such as gasoline
Exceptional resistance to UV and humidity
Problems Solved
Government restrictions regarding the use of APEO, halogens, and HAPS in coating, ink, and adhesive formulations.
Toxicity of NPE and OPE surfactants used in water based dispersions.
Fumes generated by the use of volatile solvents.
Automotive OEM coatings, automotive refinish coatings, industrial water based coatings, graphic art formulation and general transportation coatings.