Microthene® MN 701-00

35 mesh (500 micron) polyethylene powder with a melt index of 70.
Product Overview
Microthene MN 701-00 is a 35 mesh (500 micron) ground low density polyethylene powder that is mostly used as an additive in a broad range of specialty applications. Microthene G powders offer the properties of polyolefin resins but in a ground particle size making it suitable for dispersion in aqueous systems.
Product Specifications
Melt index: 70 g/10 min
Density: 0.912 g/cc
Vicat softening point: 75.6°C/168.1°F
Peak melting point: 100.8°C/213.4°F
Low temperature brittleness: -22.7°C/-8.9°F
Tensile strength @ break: 7.7/1,100 MPa/psi
Elongation @ break: 400%
Flexural modulus: 186/27,000 MPa/psi
Hardness, Shore D: 51/44 max/15 seconds
Particle shape: Irregular
Average particle size: 35 mesh
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylene powder
Features & Benefits
Small ground particle size
Long shelf life
Easy to disperse
FDA approved
Problems Solved
Low melt index of polyolefin powders
Mixing and dispersing issues of polyethylene microfins in aqueous systems
Automotive parts
Color concentrates
Structural parts
Binder in filters and batteries
Carrier/Matrix for fabrics, paper