Microthene® MN 714-00

50 mesh (292 micron) polyethylene powder with a melt index of 70.
Product Overview
Microthene MN 714-00 is a 50 mesh (292 micron) ground low density polyethylene powder that is mostly used as an additive in a broad range of specialty applications. Microthene G powders offer the properties of polyolefin resins but in a ground particle size making it suitable for dispersion in aqueous systems.
Product Specifications
Melt index: 70 g/10 min
Density: 0.912 g/cc
Vicat softening point: 75.6°C/168.1°F
Peak melting point: 100.8°C/213.4°F
Low temperature brittleness: -22.7°C/-8.9°F
Tensile strength @ break: 7.7/1,100 MPa/psi
Elongation @ break: 400%
Flexural modulus: 186/27,000 MPa/psi
Hardness, Shore D: 51/44 max/15 seconds
Particle shape: Irregular
Average particle size: 50 mesh
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylene powder
Features & Benefits
Small ground particle size
Long shelf life
Easy to disperse
FDA approved
Problems Solved
Mixing and dispersing issues of LDPE powder in water-based systems
Automotive parts
Color concentrates
Structural parts
Binder in filters and batteries
Carrier/matrix for fabrics, paper