Elvacite® 4149

Elvacite® 4149 is a low molecular weight methyl methacrylate / n-butyl methacylate copolymer that is useful in metal lacquers and heat seal coatings.
Product Overview

Elvacite® 4149 is a thermoplastic solid bead acrylic resin that is useful in solvent based lacquers, inks, and adhesives. Elvacite® 4149 is soluble in ketones, esters, and glycol ethers. It is unique in from other acrylic resins in that it will form clear solutions in acetone for VOC exempt formulations. Elvacite® 4149 is often used as a binder and film former in coatings and inks that require excellent durability to UV and heat. When used as a binder it will form films with remarkable clarity and gloss.

Product Specifications
Solid bead
Glass transition temp, onset:
Molecular weight (Mw):
Acid number:
Inherent viscosity: 0.230 - 0.255
% Moisture: 0.50 (max)
% Methacrylic acid: 0.50 - 0.70
Primary Chemistry: Methyl Methacrylate
Features & Benefits
High solids
Low VOC coatings
Acetone solubility
Chemical resistant
UV stability (non-yellowing / color retention)
Protect substrate from UV degradation and plasticizer migration

Problems Solved
Poor solubility in VOC exempt solvents like acetone
Appearance defects caused by abrasion, heat, and UV exposure
Used as the primary resin for primer coats, color coats protective topcoats for electronics / computers, films, plastic parts, upholstery, tarps, binders, seating, wallpaper, labels (branding), hot stamp foils