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Tospearl 3120

12 micron microfine silicone resin for use as an antiblocking agent in plastic films, toner additive or in paints and coatings.


2.2lb Can



Product Overview

Tospearl 3120 is a 12 micron size micro-fine silicone resin that is used as an additive in biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films as a slip and antiblocking agent. As a slip agent it improves the Coefficient of Friction (COF) to facilitate easier processing, faster line speeds and prevents the film from tearing. 
Tospearl when used as a antiblocking agent prevents adhesion during film production both on a finished roll or on the inside of the bubble. 
In Paints & Inks Tospearl is used to improve moisture resistance, control viscosity and clarification of color, tone and gloss control.

Product Specifications

Average particle size (µm): 12.0
Water content (105°C, 60min): 2% or less
pH: 7.5
Specific gravity (25°C): 1.32
Bulk density: 0.46
Specific surface are m²/g: 18
Linseed oil absorption rate ml/100g: 50
Primary Chemistry: Methyl Silsesquioxane beads

Features & Benefits

Uniform particle size
High heat resistance
Low surface energy
Low refractive index
Non migratory


Antiblock masterbatch
Food packaging
Industrial clear films
BOPP Films
Paints & Coatings

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Tospearl™ Micro-Fine Silicone Resins

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