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PhosGard® TCPP

Chlorinated phosphate ester with 9.5% phosphorus


551lb Drum



Product Overview

PhosGard TCPP is a flame retardant with good hydrolytic stability used in rigid and flexible PU foam. It has a low viscosity and high phosphorus content.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Clear transparent liquid
Chlorine (theoretical): 32.5%
Phosphorus (theoretical): 9.5%
Tri content, %: 50 to 85%
Acid value (mg KOH/g): ≤0.07
Moisture: ≤0.07%
Color (APHA): ≤50
Viscosity (25°C, mPa.s): 65 to 70
Specific gravity: 1.27 to 1.31
Primary Chemistry: Phosphorus & Chlorine blend

Features & Benefits

Good hydrolytic stability
Low Viscosity
High phosphorus content


Urethane foam

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