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DeLaval is a world-class leader in solutions and technologies for cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization applications for a variety of industrial manufacturing processes and institutional cleaning applications. Explore our high-performance cleaning products, detergents, EPA approved sanitizers and specialty additives for food and beverage, dairy, agriculture, animal farming, and much more.

126+ CONCENTRATE™ is a fatty acid and non-foaming surfactant blend designed for food, beverage, and dairy hard surface sanitization. The product is exclusive for manufacturing use only for the EPA registered products with registration numbers 4959-41 & 4959-42.

GDC-28™ Concentrate

GDC 28 is a 20% iodine solution created for the formulation of animal health drugs, for sale only to formulators with FDA authorized plants. Non-NPE surfactant package.


Alka-Clean Additive 1500 is a concentrated de-foaming surfactant blend. Alka-Clean Additive 1500 will de-foam in a wide range of solutions temperatures, rinse-free, and is widely used as an additive in CIP cleaning solutions in dairy, food processing, and shell egg washing.


Solve-Rite™ is a blue liquid, general-purpose concentrated cleaner. Solve-Rite™ is a high-foaming concentrate that can be used in all areas, such as: hand scrubs, in high-pressure machines, foamers, floor scrubbers, steam cleaners.

Gold Eagle Plus™

Gold Eagle Plus™ is a high foam, multi-purpose, neutral cleaner. Gold Eagle Plus™ is blended with anionic and amphoteric surfactants, which is compatible with caustic or acids. Gold Eagle Plus™ is intended for hand scrubbing, detergents, foam applications with alkalis, acid cleaners, chlorine cleaners, and many other uses.

Chlormate Foam Cleaner™

Chlormate Foam Cleaner™ is professional use only, high-foam heavy-duty liquid cleaner. Chlormate Foam Cleaner™ is a blended chlorinated detergent concentrate for one step general cleaning.


Klaraid 10™ is a liquid coagulant for water treatment based on a blend of polyaluminum chloride and an organic polymer for either potable or waste water.


WWT C40G™ is an excellent efficacy and safe to use wastewater flocculant that can be used as a waste process water flocculant and a sludge thickening agent.


ENVIROQUAT™ is an EPA approved quaternary sanitizer for environmental non-food contact sanitation in food processing facilities, animal premises, vehicles, hard surface sanitization and many other industries.

Clean Front® Gel Powder

DeLaval Drain Gel is a patented blend of iodine and surfactants developed by DeLaval to provide continuous odor control and cleaning for drains and floor mats.


PeraShine™ is a non-foaming, no rinse, low pH sanitizer. PeraShine™ is unique in that it provides effective sanitation and descaling.

TRI SAN® Acid Sanitizer

Tri San™ Acid Sanitizer is a patented and EPA registered reduced phosphate low-foaming acid sanitizer for CIP, COP, and circulation applications in food and dairy processing facilities.


4QUAT™ is an EPA approved quaternary sanitizer with superior antibacterial and antiviral efficacy for use in food processing, animal farming, institutional, and many other disinfection and sanitization applications.

BioSide™ HS 15%

BioSide™ HS 15% is an EPA registered acid-based microbiocide for equipment sanitization, disinfection, aseptic packaging. BioSide™ HS 15% is also EPA registered for use to control bacteria, fungi, slime and odor control in a wide range of industries and systems.


Premium Peroxide II™ is a highly versatile peroxyacetic acid-based sanitizer and disinfectant. It is EPA registered as a sanitizer for non-porous food contact surfaces, and surface disinfectants with efficacy at controlling bacteria, slime and malodors.

Lo-Foam® Concentrate

Lo-Foam® Concentrate is for manufacturing use only to manufacture EPA registered hard surface sanitizers for the food and beverage industries. Lo-Foam® Concentrate, when in final formulation, provides a low-foaming sanitizer that is highly versatile.

RQ Floor Powder III™

RQ Floor Powder III™ is a blue colored, ready-to-use floor treatment product for use in food processing facilities to control soil buildup without causing slippage. RQ Floor Powder III™ is a Quaternary ammonium floor cleaner for use on non-food contact surfaces.


EXTRACT-2 is an EPA registered, and USDA approved (D2), no-rinse sanitizer for usage in food processing, milk processing, farm premises, laundry facilities, and various other applications.

WWT 6100S™

WWT 6100S™ is an organic/inorganic cationic coagulant blend designed to break oil-in-water emulsions. WWT 6100S™ aluminum salt blend can be used at low add rates to treat process water in conjunction with or not with flocculants.

Klean Drain® Donuts

Klean Drain® Donuts are an EPA registered, solid, time release drain donut for use across many industries. Klean Drain® Donuts are designed to control odor using quaternary ammonium as the active ingredient, combined with anti-corrosives and surfactants.

Clean Front® Iodine Blocks

DeLaval Drain Blocks are a patented blend of iodine, surfactant, and gel-agents to clean and deodorize drains and floor pans. DeLaval Drain Blocks are for usage in drains of all types, including those with flowing water.


HI TEMP ACID 1000™ is specifically designed as a high-temperature acid detergent for CIP, clean and soak, applications in dairy and food processing facilities where scale needs to be removed.

ACIDET® Acid Sanitizer

ACIDET ® ACID SANITIZER from Delaval is an EPA approved concentrated acid based sanitizer with superior antimicrobial efficacy for farm use and food plant usage.

MS/DS™ Concentrate

MS/DS Concentrate is a polyethoxy polypropoxy polyethoxy ethanol-iodine complex blended with concentrated detergent.

Klean Drain Sausages

Klean Drain® Sausages are an EPA registered, solid, time release drain sausages for use across many industries. Klean Drain® Sausages are designed to control odor using quaternary ammonium as the active ingredient, combined with anti-corrosives and surfactants.

Clean Front® Iodine Rings

DeLaval Drain Rings are a patented blend of iodine, surfactant, and gel-agents to clean and deodorize drains and floor pans. DeLaval Drain Rings are for usage in drains of all types, including those with flowing water.

ZZZ™ Disinfectant

ZZZ™ Disinfectant is a concentrated broad spectrum iodophor sanitizer for use in spray, dip, and CIP applications in a variety of industrial, institutional, and agricultural applications. ZZZ™ Disinfectant can be used as a one-step cleaner and is a highly effective virucide, bactericide, and fungicide.


Rapidyne® is a super-concentrated, low-foaming, liquid iodophor and acid blend sanitizer. Rapidyne® is especially suited for continuous automatic feeding of central sanitizing systems. Rapidyne® has been formulated for use in bottling, beverage, and food processing industries along with other uses.


LFI Sanitizer is an EPA registered low-foaming iodophor sanitizer. LFI Sanitizer is EPA registered for use in the beer-bottling, soft drink-bottling and food-canning industries. LFI Sanitizer can also be used equipment sanitizing for vats, tanks and other equipment.

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