DeLaval Drain Gel

DeLaval Drain Gel is a patented blend of iodine and surfactants developed by DeLaval to provide continuous odor control and cleaning for drains and floor mats.
Product Overview
DeLaval Drain Gel is a patented (number 4,911,859) solid powder suitable for use in food plants and other food facilities as a cleaner and water deodorizer for inside drains, on drain gates and underneath open weave floor mats. DeLaval Drain Gel can also be used to deodorize condensate water and standing water in food plants and other facilities. Gel Powder is highly economical because it is only active when adequate water is present for dissolution.

DeLaval Drain Gel has been designed to release 1 to 2 ppm iodine when activated with moisture and the iodine is released until equilibrium is reached. This controlled release allows DeLaval Drain Gel to be used between sanitization cycles to control odor and extend periods between regular sanitization.
Product Specifications
Physical state: Solid Powder
Appearance: Brown
Water solubility: Soluble
Primary Chemistry: A patented blend of iodine and surfactants
Features & Benefits
Controls most odors in condensate water
Controlled release of Iodine (1-2 ppm)
Only active in solution
Patented Solution
Controlled release of active chemistries
Moisture sensing release
Problems Solved
Odor and contamination issues in drain systems
Limited effectiveness of drain cleaning products
Fast discharge of liquid drain products
Food Facilities drain cleaning
Food Facilities drain odor control
Deodorize and Control odor in condensate water
Deodorize and Control odor in standing water
Drain Gate Cleaning and odor control
Weave floor mat cleaning and odor control