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Executive Brand 126+ Concentrate

Executive Brand 126+ Concentrate is a blend of Propionic acid, Capric Acid, Pelargonic acid and a low foaming surfactant.




Product Overview

Executive Brand 126+ is used exclusively to manufacture EPA registered 4959-41 and 4959-42 products.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Clear, colorless to light yellow liquid
Odor: Pungent propionic
Specific Gravity: @ 25°C 1.075
Pounds per Gallon: 8.955
pH 1:100 dilution 3.08
Primary Chemistry: Propionic acid, Capric Acid, Pelargonic acid

Features & Benefits

EPA Registered 4959-41
EPA Registered 4959-42


Created for use as a hard surface sanitizer in food and beverage processing plants, and for dairy farm use.

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