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METHOCEL™ E10M container
METHOCEL™ E10M is a medium molecular weight hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) thickener. It yields a viscosity of 10,000 cP at 2% in water.
Capstone™ FS-63 container
Capstone™ FS-63 is an anionic fluorosurfactant that is designed for use in water-based paints & coatings to improve wetting, leveling, anti-blocking, and dirt pick up resistance.
Capstone™ FS-61 container
Capstone™ FS-61 is an anionic fluorosurfactant that dramatically reduces surface tension of aqueous formulations. It is ideally suited for improving the performance of architectural coatings.
LUDOX® HS-30 High Ph container
Ludox HS-30 High pH is a 30% solids colloidal silica. It is formulated to a higher pH and is used as a binder in applications that require alkaline pH.
Capstone™ FS-35 container
Capstone™ FS-35 is a nonionic fluorosurfactant that dramatically reduces surface tension of aqueous and solvent based formulations. It's most often used in paints, inks, cleaners, and floor care formulations.
LUDOX® HS-40-FS, 38% Silica container
LUDOX® HS-40 is a freeze thaw stable colloidal silica with a particle size of 12 nanometers that is used as a binder for coatings and refractory materials.
BIOBAN™ BTCM container
BIOBAN™ BTCM is an EPA approved in-can preservative for exceptional protection against bacteria and fungi. BTCM is excellent for use in cleaners, coatings, inks, building materials and agriculture applications.
Elvacite® 2669 container
Elvacite® 2669 is a water soluble methacrylate copolymer that is used as a binder and film former in coatings & inks where solvent emissions must be low.
LUDOX® TM-40 container
LUDOX® TM-40 is an anionic colloidal silica with 22 nanometer particle size. It is commonly used to increase friction on paper and textiles.
LUDOX® SM-AS container
LUDOX® SM-AS is an ammonium stabilized colloidal silica with 7 nm particle size. It is used as a binder in applications that require extreme temperatures.
Capstone™ FS-81 container
Capstone™ FS-81 is a water-based fluoropolymer that is used as a coating additive to improve wetting, stain resistance, and dirt pickup resistance.
Capstone™ FS-65 container
Capstone™ FS-65 is a water-soluble, nonionic fluorosurfactant used to improve wetting and leveling of water-based paints, inks, and cleaners.
Capstone™ FS-34 container
Capstone™ FS-34 is a nonionic fluorosurfactant that is used as wetting and leveling aid in water-based coatings, paints, inks, and cleaners.
Tyzor® TEAZ, zirconium chelate container
Tyzor® TEAZ is a water stable zirconium complex that is used as a cross linking agent for polymers in coatings and oil well fracturing fluids.
LUDOX® PW-50 EC container
LUDOX® PW-50 EC is an alkaline colloidal silica with low specific surface area. It is used as an abrasive in polishing slurries and as a surface modifier.
LUDOX® HS-30-FS container
LUDOX® HS-30FS is a colloidal silica with a particle size of 12 nm. It is freeze stabilized and used as a binder in coatings applied in low temperatures.
LUDOX® AM-FS container
LUDOX® AM-FS is a pH and freeze stable grade of colloidal silica that is used as a binder in ceramics, water based adhesives, and latex paints.
MERPOL® HCS container
MERPOL® HCS is a non-ionic surfactant with a cloud point >100°C. It can be used as a wetting agent, emulsifier, stabilizer and leveling agent.
TEXTURECEL™ 30 G container
TEXTURECEL™ 30 G is a low viscosity grade with slightly lower active content than TEXTURECEL™ 30 GA. It is supplied in granular form and yields a viscosity of 20 - 40 cP.
TEXTURECEL™ 2000 GA container
TEXTURECEL™ 2000 GA is a sodium carboxymethyl cellulose polymer. It is supplied granular form and provides a viscosity of 2,000 cP.
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