Explore our ashless (zinc-free) additive technologies for the formulation of lubricants intended for use in more environmentally sensitive applications.

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HiTEC® 646 container
High performance ashless dispersant additive to hold hydrocarbon and inorganic particulates in suspension.
HiTEC® 511T container
Zinc-Free Ashless Anti-wear & Extreme Pressure Additive for Formulating Industrial Oils, Greases and Metalworking Coolants.
HiTEC® 4313 container
Ashless copper corrosion inhibitor and extreme pressure additive for use in formulating fuel oils & greases.
HiTEC® 2584 container
High performance turbine oil additive package to enhance water separation in a variety of gas & steam turbines.
HiTEC® 312 container
High Sulfur Content (46.3%wt.) Extreme Pressure Additive for Formulating Industrial Oils
HiTEC® 3315 container
High Sulfur Content, Extreme Pressure (EP) Additive for Formulating Lubricants For High Load Applications.
HiTEC® 638 container
Ashless dispersant to control low temperature deposit formation in crankcase lubricants.
HiTEC® 5200 container
Premium Compressor Oil Additive Package for Formulating with Group III Base Stock.
HiTEC® 833 container
Ashless (Zinc-Free) Anti-wear Performance Additive for Lubricant & Grease Formulation
HiTEC® 637 container
Ashless Dispersant Performance Additive for Formulating a Range of Industrial Lubricants
HiTEC® 543 container
Premium Ashless Additive Package for Formulating Hydraulic Fluids in Environmentally Sensitive Applications.
HiTEC® 2571 container
Premium Rust & Oxidation (R&O) Turbine Oil Additive Package.
HiTEC® 559 container
Cost Effective Corrosion Inhibitor Performance Additive for Formulating Industrial Lubricants.
HiTEC® 643D container
Ashless dispersant additive to control sludge formation at low temperatures.
HiTEC® 7188 container
Antioxidant additive for use in formulating automotive and industrial lubricants.
HiTEC® 2607 container
Premium, Phenolic-Free Mainstream Turbine Oil Additive Package
HiTEC® 510M container
Ashless Performance Additive for Formulating Slideway Oils, Hydraulic Fluids and Industrial Gear Lubricants.
TecGARD® 400 container
Demist Additive for Straight Oil Formulations
HiTEC® 312G container
Extreme Pressure Performance Additive for Grease Formulating to Enhance High Load Carrying Capabilities.
HiTEC® 2588 container
Premium R&O (Rust & Oxidation) Lubricant Additive Package to Enhance Filter Plugging Protection.
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Industry Resources
Niacet Niaproof® Anionic Surfactants thumbnail
Niacet NIAPROOF® Anionic Surfactants are highly versatile alcohol sulfates. Niacet Niaproof® 08 is the first and only Cleangredients® recognized 2-ethylhexyl sulfate product on the market.
NIAPROOF® 08 CleanGredient Surfactant thumbnail

We are pleased to announce that Niacet NIAPROOF® Anionic Surfactant 08 has been granted CleanGredients® certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency. CleanGredients® formulation ingredients are approved for use in thousands of products with the Design for Environment (DfE) label.

Calumet Calester™ thumbnail
Calumet CalEster™ provide excellent stability in high temperatures and desired fluidity in low temperatures. They are phthalate free, readily biodegradable and provide excellent additive solubility.
Afton HiTEC Hydraulic Additives thumbnail
Afton Chemical offers a variety of specialized hydraulic fluid packages to help you formulate the ideal hydraulic fluid without the hassle. Meet or exceed the performance requirements for all major OEM and industry specifications and help your customer’s keep their equipment running smoother & longer.
Industrial Gear Oil Additives thumbnail

Afton Chemical offers a variety of specialized multi-functional additives to assist in the formulation of industrial gear oils. Spanning from economic & mainstream gear oil additives to highly specialized & premium tier gear oil additives, Afton Chemical’s HiTEC® portfolio has an option suited for your particular formulation needs.

Afton Industrial Greases thumbnail
Afton Chemical offers a variety of specialized Multi-Functional & Component based grease packages to help you simplify the formulating & production processes. Whether you market economic or premium grade greases, Afton’s HiTEC® additives can help address your specific target market with ease.
DuPont Dowicil™ QK 20 thumbnail
Dowicil™ QK-20 is ideal for use in the clean-up and disinfection of process equipment, industrial tools, production tanks and decontamination of finished products and raw materials.
PMC Biogenix™ Stearic Acid thumbnail

PMC Biogenix™ offers a wide range of saturated and unsaturated Stearic Acid additives that provide a variety of uses and benefits in many industries.