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Krytox™ GPL103 Oil container
ISO 32 Grade PFPE-Based Oil for Long Lasting and Non-Reactive Lubrication. (Estimated Temp Range: -60°C to 154°C)
MOLYKOTE® 41 Extreme High Temp, Bearing Grease container
NLGI Grade 2 silicone based grease with carbon black thickener offering lubrication and anti-friction properties at extremely high temperatures. Commonly used in oven components.
MOLYKOTE® P-40 Paste container
Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based paste with solid lubricants such as white solids. Offering metal-free composition and commonly used as continuous lubrication for gears, vehicle components, and marine applications.
MOLYKOTE® G-1502FM Synthetic Bearing & Gear Grease container
NLGI Grade 2 PAO based grease with aluminum complex thickener offering superior resistance to water wash off and commonly used in applications where grease sling-off is unacceptable.
MOLYKOTE® Multilub High Performance Grease container
NLGI Grade 2 Mineral Oil-Based Grease with Lithium Thickener and Additives for Extreme Pressure and Corrosion Inhibition (EP/CI).
MOLYKOTE® P-74 Paste container
Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based paste with solid lubricants such as graphite and white solids. Offering metal-free lubrication and commonly used in assembly and threaded connections.
Krytox™ 283AD Grease container
NLGI 2 - Non-Flammable, Aerospace Grade PFPE Grease with PTFE Thickener with Rust Inhibitor Performance Additives. Base Oil Viscosity (502 cSt @ 38°C).
Krytox™ GPL296 Grease container
ISO 220, NLGI #2, PFPE-Based Grease with PTFE Thickener For High Temp Applications with Anti-Corrosion Protection and High Load Capability (-33°F to 500°F).
Krytox™ GPL217 Grease container
NLGI Grade 2, Black PFPE-Based Grease with PTFE Thickener and solid MOS2, for Extreme Pressure Applications (-22 to 550°F). Base Oil Viscosity 450 cSt @ 40°C.
Krytox™ AUT 2E68 Grease container
NLGI 1.5 PFPE Based Grease for Automotive Applications With Extremely Broad Temperature Stability
MOLYKOTE® 44 High Temp, Bearing Grease, Light container
NLGI Grade 1 silicone based grease with lithium thickener and offering bearing lubrication at high temperatures. Commonly used in high heat fans.
Krytox™ XP-2C5 Grease container
Krytox™ XP-2C5 Grease features long life, high temperature stability, resistance to separation under centrifugal load. Krytox™ XP-2C5 Grease base oil has viscosity of 160 cSt.
MOLYKOTE® G-0102 container
NLGI Grade 2, Mineral Oil-Based Grease with Calcium Complex Thickener and Performance Additives for Extreme Pressure (EP).
Krytox™ GPL255 Grease container
Special NLGI Grade 2 PFPE Grease with Added Fluorescing Agents for Easy Detection Under Black Light. Base Oil Viscosity 160 cSt @ 40°C
Krytox™ NRT 8950 Grease container
Non-Reactive, NLGI Grade 1.5 PFPE Grease with Non-Melting Thickener for Reactive Gas Lubrication (-5°F to 617°F). Base Oil Viscosity 500 cSt @ 40°C
MOLYKOTE® G-N Metal Assembly Paste container
Mineral oil based paste with solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide and white solids. Offering extreme pressure capabilities and commonly used for assembly & run-in as well as press-fitting.
Krytox™ 240AD Grease container
NLGI 2 - Non-Flammable, Aerospace Grade PFPE Grease with PTFE Thickener. Base Oil (502 cSt @ 38°C).
MOLYKOTE® G-1021 Synthetic Automotive Grease container
NLGI Grade 2 PAO-Based Grease with Lithium Thickener for Applications with Low Start-Up Temperatures
Krytox™ 240AC Grease container
NLGI 2 - Non-Flammable, Aerospace Grade PFPE Grease with PTFE Thickener. Base Oil Viscosity (270 cSt @38°C) - meets MIL-PRF 27617 Type III
Fluorinert™ FC-770 container
Non-conductive, fully-fluorinated fluid for heat transfer applications in the sensitive & complex electronics & semiconductor industry. Liquid Phase (-127°C to 95°C)
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