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CELOGEN® Chemical Foaming Agents

CelChem CELOGEN® foaming or blowing agents offer chemical technology to expand rubber or plastics. CelChem is a global distributor of chemical foaming agents and has been an industry leader for decades. CELOGEN® blowing agents allow thermoplastics and elastomer manufacturers to obtain multiple product densities. These nitrogen-based grades provide nonstaining, odorless, and dispersible benefits. Furthermore, compounders, extruders, rotational molders, injection molders, and compression molders can find many uses for their products by integrating CELOGEN® foaming agents. 

What Are Foaming Agents?

CELOGEN® foaming agent additives help produce a cellular structure in various polymers that partake in a hardening phase. Blowing agents are added during the liquid stage, and the polymer's cellular structure loses density while increasing stiffness and thermal insulation properties. The terms blowing agents and foaming agents can be used interchangeably as they both entail a chemical foaming process. CELOGEN® foaming agents are exothermic and generate heat during decomposition while emitting large amounts of gas volume producing various desired density levels. 

Why Use CELOGEN® Foaming Agents?

  • Improve thermal and audible insulation
  • Scalable and reduces costs
  • Produce closed-cell structures
  • Lower processing temperatures
  • Faster cycle times
  • Reduce machine energy
  • Uniformity in particle size and decomposition temperature
  • Reduce overall weight
  • Improve printing on flat surfaces
  • Easy drop-in solution 
Explore the CELOGEN® Foaming Agent Portfolio
Product Chemical Specific Gravity Decomposition
Temperature (°C)
ACTICELL® U Treated Urea 1.34 --- --- Chemical activator for foaming agents for expanded plastics and sponge rubber
CELOGEN® AZ120 Azodicarbonamide 1.66 190-220°C 220 cc/gram Nondiscoloring, general-purpose chemical foaming agent
CELOGEN® OT p-p’-oxbis
(benzensulfonyl hydrazide)
1.53 153-167 °C 120 cc/gram Low-temperature chemical foaming agent for sponge rubber and expanded thermoplastics
CELOGEN® 754A Activated
1.68 165-180°C 200 cc/gram Chemical foaming agent specialized for rubber, plastics, EVA, shoe soling, and extruded automotive parts
CELOGEN® 760A Non-Plateout
2.06 200-205°C 160 cc/gram Helps to prevent buildup on screws, dies, and molds when making plastic foam
CELOGEN® 765A Activated
1.65 152-160°C 180 cc/gram Special chemical foaming agent
for press molded closed-cell sponge, shoe soling, and automotive extruded components
CELOGEN® 780 Activated
1.78 142-154°C 190 cc/gram Chemical foaming agent with low-temperature capabilities for silicone gums in tube, extruded, and press molded profile applications
1.67 200-205°C 200 cc/gram Chemical foaming agent designed specifically for rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
CELOGEN® Foaming Agent Applications

CELOGEN® foaming agents offer a wide range of applications from building and construction, to automotive, to consumer. 


Automotive applications include visible parts, door panels, structural parts, and dash board carriers.

Consumer applications include exercise equipment, screen printed jerseys, shoe soles, and toys. 

CELOGEN® chemical foaming agents help manufacturers create a closed cellular structure through an exothermic reaction during the plasticating process. With various grades and broad compatibility, talk to a specialist today to see which CELOGEN® grade works best for your formulation. 

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