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    Industrial Coatings & Metal Protection

    A variety of metals and alloys are used in industrial applications.  These metals include steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and many others.  Industrial coatings are often applied to these metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion, abrasion, and everyday wear and tear.  These protective properties need to be maximized in order to provide an industrial coating that increases the service life of the metal and stands above its competition.
Where is Tyzor® Used?
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    Wire Coatings

    Film properties and insulation properties of wire coating formulations can be improved with the addition of Tyzor® TnBT or Tyzor® BTP.  Ring cracks in high temperature wire can lead to catastrophic failure of the wire  Wire coatings formulated with Tyzor® show improved thermal resistance which leads to fewer ring cracks in high temperature wire.
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    Corrosion Protection

    To protect from corrosion; sheet metal, small metal parts, and metal coil can be coated with Tyzor® TnBT or Tyzor® GBA. In addition, zinc, aluminum, and other metal pigments that act as sacrificial agents can be bound by Tyzor®.  This provides improved corrosion protection of metal surfaces.
    ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

    Industrial Coatings

    Thin layers of titanium dioxide or zirconium dioxide can be applied to metal surfaces by thermal and hydrolytic processes with Tyzor® TnBT and Tyzor® TPT.  This film provides improved surface hardness and chemical resistance.  In addition, Tyzor® can be used as a primer or adhesion promoter for industrial coatings meant for metal surfaces.

How Is Tyzor® Used in Coatings?

Tyzor® Organic Titanates & Zirconates can be used in solvent based, solvent-free, and water-based industrial coatings as a binder, surface modifier, adhesion promoter, or catalyst to improve performance and protection of metal surfaces. The benefits of Tyzor® in each function are outlined below.



Tyzor® can be used to form a continuous metal oxide layer that protects metal surfaces.  It can be combined with other organo-metal compounds in a sol-gel process to form a thin flexible film that is resistant to water, heat, and scratches.  Tyzor® can also be used to bind sacrificial metal pigments used for corrosion protection.

  • Corrosion protection
  • Improved water, heat, and scratch resistance
  • Increased surface hardness

Adhesion Promoter

In order for an industrial coating to be effective it must first and foremost adhere to the surface it needs to protect.  Tyzor® organic titanates and zirconates can be applied as a primer or added to coating formulations to improve binding between metal surfaces and industrial coatings.

  • Improved adhesion of coatings to metal
  • Increased water and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced mechanical properties of the coating

Catalyst / Curing Aid

Tyzor® Organic Titanates can crosslink polymers with hydroxyl and carboxyl functionality.  This feature makes them especially useful as catalysts and curatives to speed up curing and improve durability of coating formulations that contain such functionality. 

  • Accelerated cure speed
  • Improved coating cohesion
  • Increased coating durability

Grade Recommendations

Selection of the proper Tyzor® grade is based on the end-use requirements, system type, and coating process.  By selecting the proper grade allows for control of reactivity and optimized performance.  The Tyzor® product line consists of reactive alkoxides that are highly sensitive to moisture and stable chelates that are more tolerant of moisture.  A list of grade recommendations for industrial coatings and metal treatments is provided below based on end-use application.

    Tyzor® TPT
    Tyzor® TnBT
    Tyzor® BTP
    Tyzor® AA
    Tyzor® GBA
    Tyzor® LA
    Industrial Paint 
    Wire Coating 
    Heat Resistant Paint
    Corrosion Protection
    Water-Based Paint

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