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Tyzor® AA-105

A titanium chelate with acetylacetonate as the chelating agent with an 100% active content.




Product Overview

Tyzor AA-105 is similar to Tyzor AA, but has a TiO2 and active content of 23% and 100% respectively with no solvent content.

Product Specifications

TiO2 %: 23
Active Content %: 100
Form: Liquid
Color: Yellow to Red
Solvent: None
Specific Gravity: 1.12
Viscosity, mPa: 90
Pour Point C(F): -25(-13)
Boiling Point C(F) Solvent: n/a
Flash Point C(F): 50(122)
Solubility: Miscible in most organic solvents. Decomposes in water

Features & Benefits

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