Tyzor® LA, titanium chelate

Tyzor® LA is an aqueous solution of chelated titanium that is used as a catalyst for esterification reactions and as a cross-linker in coatings and inks.
Product Overview
Tyzor® LA a hydrolytically stable titanium chelate. It remains stable in water as long as the pH remains between 7-8. Tyzor® LA is well suited for use as a catalyst in direct esterification reactions because of it's compatibility with the water byproduct. It offers moderate reaction rates, high yield, and low toxicity. Tyzor® LA can also be used in water-based coatings and inks to crosslink binders and pigments. It improves cohesive strength and toughness of coating formulations. Tyzor® LA is also excellent for crosslinking water-based dispersion of guar to produce high viscosity oil well fracturing fluid. Surfaces like metal and glass can also be treated with Tyzor® LA in order to improve adhesion of coatings, inks, and adhesives.
Product Specifications
TiO2 Content: ca. 13.6%
Active Content: ca. 50%
Color: Colorless to light
Density (25°C): ca. 1.21/ml
Viscosity (25°C): ca.9 mPa*s
pH: ca. 8-9
Pour Point: ca. -10°C
Boiling Point: ca. 100°C (water)
Flash Point: None
Solubility in Water: Miscible

Primary Chemistry: Aqueous Titanium Chelate
Features & Benefits
Hydrolytically stable
High stability at PH 7-8
Excellent crosslinker for OH functional polymers
Aids formation of polymeric titanium dioxide
Low toxicity
Forms high viscosity aqueous gels with guar
High yield at low concentration when used as a catalyst
Paints and coatings adhesion promoter
Surface modifier for increased hardness and corrosion resistance

Problems Solved
Poor cohesive strength of coatings and adhesives
Adhesion failure of coatings, inks, and adhesives to metal and glass surfaces
Poor reaction rates and yield of esterification reactions
Low viscosity of oil well fracturing fluids
Tyzor® LA is an excellent choice for water-based applications with improved stability compared to traditional titanates:
Printing inks
Paints and coatings
Glues and adhesives
Polymerization catalyst
Corrosion protection formulations