Print Directly to Plastic with Eastman Adhesion Promoters

Flexible Packaging Requires Better Ink

Advancement in packaging materials has led to a surge in flexible packaging technology.  Packaging applications that were once restricted to rigid materials are now being done with flexible olefin based materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, and PET.  While these materials are excellent packaging films they are often difficult to print on due to low surface energy.  Additionally, the rise in digital printing and on demand packaging has lead to the need for inks that can be printed directly to a variety of films.

Adhesion Promoting Additives for Inks

Eastman's polyolefin adhesion promoters are commonly used in primers to improve adhesion of a coating to a thermoplastic olefin or metal surface.  This same technology that has been used for decades in the automotive and architectural coating market is also available as a stir-in additive for solvent and water-based printing inks.  Additionally, Eastman has recently released APEO free and halogen free grades (AP 550-1, Advantis™ 510W, and CP 377W) for formulators looking to get ahead of tightening global regulations.

Solvent-Based Grades

Water-Based Grades

Formulation Considerations

When formulating Eastman Polyolefin Adhesion Promoters into a printing ink testing should be done to ensure compatibility with the solvent and resin systems.  While the recommended addtion rates above are a good starting point, testing should be done to determine the amount of adhesion promoter needed to acheive optimal adhesion without effecting dry film properties.

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