CP 347W

CP 347W is a highly compatible water-based dispersion of chlorinated polyolefin that is used as a stir-in adhesion promoting additive to inks and coatings.
Product Overview
CP 347W is a water-based dispersion of chlorinated polypropylene that is neutralized with 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol. The neutralizing amine in this dispersion makes it more compatible with waterborne resins and better suited for use as a stir in additive. When CP 347W is included in a coating, ink, or adhesive formulation it improves adhesion to low energy plastic surfaces and metal. As a water-based dispersion, CP 347W is an ideal adhesion promoting additive for applications that require low VOC content.
Product Specifications
Solids: 25 wt %
CPO: 20 wt %
pH @25°C: 9-10
Shelf, 1 yr: No change
@50°C, 4wk: No change
Freeze thaw: Good
Wt/vol: 1010-1030 g/L (8.4-8.6 lb/gal)
Viscosity, Brookfield: 10cP
Chlorination: 18-23%
Water: 74 wt %
Color, Gardner: Tan
Specific gravity @25°C: 1.020

Primary Chemistry: Chlorinated Polyolefin
Features & Benefits
Used in primer for PP and TPO
Used as a stir-in additive in waterborne coatings to improve adhesion to PP and TPO
Compatible with most Polyurethane and acrylics dispersions resins
Co-solvents can be added to improve wetting of the substrate
Problems Solved
Poor adhesion of water based coatings, inks, and adhesives on plastic
Surfaces require priming prior to application of a water based coating or ink.
VOC's generated by solvent based adhesion promoters.
Adhesion promoter for paints
Automotive OEM
Coatings for automotive plastics
Coatings for plastics parts
Graphic arts
General industrial coatings