CP 343-3-50% Xylene

CP 343-3-50% is the solution grade of a highly compatible polyolefin adhesion promoter that is used as an additive to inks, coatings, and adhesives.
Product Overview
CP 343-3 is a highly chlorinated polypropylene polymer that is highly compatible with esters and ketones. This expanded compatibility allows for it to be used as a mix-in additive for coatings, paints, adhesives, and inks. CP 343-3-50% is the solution grade of this polymer in xylene. When added to a formulation CP 343-3-50% improved adhesion to low surface energy plastics including polypropylene and TPO. In addition, it has shown to be effective at promoting adhesion to aluminum and galvanized metal.
Product Specifications
Specific gravity @25°C: 0.986
Flash point, tag closed cup: 27°C (80°F)
Color, Gardner: 11
Specific gravity, solid CPO @25°C: 1.108
Chlorine: 26-32 wt%
Primary Chemistry: Chlorinated Polyolefin
Features & Benefits
Adhesion to polypropylene, Thermoplastic polyolefin, non olefin plastics and metals
Good solvent tolerance for a wide range of solvents
Excellent stir-in additive in industrial coatings and inks
Enhanced compatibility with various resins
Problems Solved
Poor adhesion strength of coatings, inks, and adhesives on plastic and metal surfaces.
Time consuming 2 step coating processes.
Incompatibility of adhesion promoters with coating resins.
Coatings; Inks; Adhesives; Sealants; Flexible Packaging