Lupasol® SC-61B

Lupasol® SC-61B is a hydroxyethylated polyethylenimine polymer that is useful as a film forming amine in coatings and printing ink applications.
Product Overview
Lupasol® SC-61B is an aqueous solution of hydroxyethylated polyethylenimine (PEI). It can be considered a giant alkanolamine with a large molecular weight, strong cationic nature, and low volatility. In Lupasol® SC-61B nearly eighty percent of the amine hydrogens of the base PEI have been converted to hydroxyethyl groups. The strong cationic nature of the polymer in Lupasol® SC-61B make it well suited for use as an adhesion promoter and binder in ink and coating formulations. Lupasol® SC-61B is available commercially as a free flowing liquid in 55 gallon drums.
Product Specifications
Average molecular weight:
Viscosity @ 25°C: 2,500 cP max
Solid matter content, %: 35-40
Appearance: Free flowing liquid
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylenimine
Features & Benefits
Low toxicity
High molecular weight
Ethoxylated polymer
High compatibility with surfactants
Film forming amine
Brightener in electroplating baths
Cationic modifier for clays and starches
Can be used as cationic emulsifier, stabilizer and fixing agent

Problems Solved
Poor waterfastness of printing inks.
Slow cure rate of water-based printing inks.
Clogging of printing nozzles caused by ink drying.
Poor dot and edge definition of printing inks.
Poor pigment dispersion and emulsion stability.
Low fixing strength of nonionic and anionic ingredients in hair and skin care products.
Lupasol® SC-61B is most commonly used as a film forming amine in water-based coating and printing ink formulation.
When used in ink jet applications, Lupasol® SC-61B offers excellent waterfastness, fast drying, and high edge retention.
In addition, inks formulated with Lupasol® SC-61B have a reduced tendency to plug nozzles allowing for increased printing efficiency.

Due to it's low toxicity, Lupasol® SC-61B is used in cosmetic and personal care applications where active ingredients are more beneficial when retained on the skin or hair.

Lupasol® SC-61B is used as a brightener in electroplating baths.