Tenox BHT and Solutions

Key Applications

Baked Foods; Cereals; Fats; Oils; Cosmetics

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Product Description

This butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) anitoxidant has outstanding solubility in fats and oils and provides carry through effectiveness in baked foods. Used independently or with other Tenox™ antioxidants, it imparts stability to cereals, animal fats, oils, and packaging materials. BHT has antioxidant synergy when used in conjunction with BHA.


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Tenox BHT 8 Food Grade Kosher Tenox 8 is 20% butylated hydroxytoluene in a medium of vegetable oil. It has high efficacy in oils and baked foods and is most commonly used in cosmetic, food, and vitamin applications. SDS* TDS*
Tenox BHT Food Grade Kosher Tenox BHT is 100% butylated hydroxytoluene granular crystals. Soluble in lipids, it is most commonly used in food and cosmetic applications. SDS* TDS*