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Chemours Glycolic Acid Technical Grade, 70% Solution

Chemours Glycolic Acid Technical Grade, 70% Solution is the only domestically produced hydroxyacetic acid. Chemours Glycolic Acid Technical Grade, 70% is the standard technical grade used across varied industries.




Product Overview

Chemours Glycolic Acid is the smallest alpha hydroxycarboxylic acid. Glycolic Acid has dual functional groups of OH and the COOH. These groups result in Chemours Glycolic Acid being an effective low pH acid while also functioning as an excellent de-scaling and chelating agent. These dual functionality groups coupled with the small molecular size of Chemours Glycolic Acid allows for high penetration and efficacy across industries and applications. In addition, Chemours Glycolic Acid is preferred to other strong mineral and organic acids due to Chemours Glycolic Acid's environmental profile. 

Product Specifications

Total acid , as Glycolic (% wt) 71 ± 1
Formic acid (% wt) <1
Sulfates, as SO4 (ppm) ≤800
Color, Gardner ≤3
Turbidity (ntu) ≤6
Filterable Solids None

Appearance: A clear, light amber liquid with a mild odor resembling burnt sugar that is visibly free of suspended matter
Primary Chemistry: Hydroxyacetic acid

Features & Benefits

NSF 60 certified (only source)
Domestically produced (only source in North America)
Chloride free (non-MCA production method)
Readily biodegradable, 90% in 7 days
Negligible odor
Less corrosive than other mineral and organic acids (collateral available)
Excellent salt solubility
Fully water soluble
USDA approved for non-food contact
Helps with bleed control by penetrating the substrate vertically; decreasing the lateral spread of ink


Chemours Glycolic Acid Technical Grade, 70% is widely used accross varied industries, such as; oil and gas, HIC, building and construction, coating and inks, metal surface treatment, electronics manufacturing, polymer manufacturing, dairy processing, and more. 

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Chemours Glycolic Acid

Chemours glycolic acid is a broad range industrial liquid cleaner. It is an organic acid that is biodegradable and more environmentally friendly with less toxicity than alternative acids. Glycolic acid is one of the smallest organic molecules with both acid and alcohol functionality.

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