CP 515-2-40% Aromatic 100

CP 515-2-40% is a solution grade polyolefin adhesion promoter that is used as an additive to coatings, inks, and adhesion to increase adhesion to plastic.
Product Overview
CP 515-2 is a highly compatible chlorinated polyolefin polymer that is useful as an additive to coating, ink, and adhesive formulations that are to be applied to untreated, low surface energy plastics. CP 515-2-40% Aromatic 100 is the solution grade of this polymer at 40% solids in aromatic 100. CP 515-2-40% should be added to coatings and inks at 5 parts CP 515-2 polymer to every 100 parts binder solids by weight in order to maximize adhesion benefits. When used in a formulation CP 515-2 shows little to no effect on color and provides clear films upon drying.
Product Specifications
Specific gravity @25°C: 0.944
Flash point, tag closed cup: 41°C (107°F)
Color, Gardner: 7
Specific gravity, solid CPO @25°C: 1.04-1.09
Chlorine: 26-32 wt%
Primary Chemistry: Chlorinated Polyolefin
Features & Benefits
Improved compatibility with a variety of resins to give clear solutions and deposit clear films.
Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates such as polypropylene, thermoplastic olefins, non-olefin plastics and metal
Can be used as an additive in inks and coatings to improve adhesion
High Temperature stability
Problems Solved
Incompatibility of adhesion promoting resins with coating resins.
Inefficiencies of two step coating systems.
Coatings; Inks; Adhesives; Sealants