CP 730-1-100%

CP 730-1 is an adhesion promoting polyolefin resin that is used in primer formulation for polypropylene. It offers maximum fuel and humidity resistance.
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Product Overview
CP 730-1 is a chlorinated polyolefin resin that is used as the active adhesion promoting agent in primer formulations for polypropylene substrates. Primers formulated with CP 730-1 offers outstanding fuel and humidity resistance and are therefore typically used in automotive applications. Use of CP 730-1 in a primer ensures that color coats and topcoats will have durable adhesion to polypropylene, TPO, and other difficult non-olefin plastics.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Solid (Granules)
Color: Beige
Specific gravity: >1
Softening point: > 100°C
Flash point: Not applicable, combustible solid
Chlorine 20.5-23.5%
Solubility in water: Negligible
Primary Chemistry: Chlorinated Polyolefin
Features & Benefits
Excellent adhesion to thermoplastics and polypropylene plastics
Excellent humidity resistance
Excellent gasoline resistance
Problems Solved
Damage done to primers and coatings by exposure to fuel and humidity.
Adhesion failure of automotive coatings caused by fuel exposure.
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