Tenox™ Mixed Antioxidant Solutions

Tenox™ Mixed Antioxidant Solutions

Key Applications

Food Products; Cosmetics

Product Description

Tenox™ Mixed Antioxidants are combinations of BHT, BHA and TBHQ. These pre-mixed products simplify the manufacturing process for customers while providing synergistic performance. All grades extend shelf life and stability in a variety of applications.

Guide: Tenox™ Antioxidant Selector Guide


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Tenox™ Mixed 25 Food Grade Kosher Tenox™ 25 is 10% butylated hydroxytoluene, 10% tertiary-butylhydroquinone, and citric acid in a medium of vegetable oil, propylene glycol and glycerides. It is most commonly used in beverage, cosmetic, food, and animal feed applications. In particular, Tenox 25 has excellent performance in vegetable oil applications. SDS TDS
Tenox™ Mixed 4 Food Grade Kosher Tenox™ 4 is 20% butylated hydroxyanisole and 20% butylated hydroxytoluene in a medium of vegetable oil. It is most commonly used in beverage, cosmetic, and food applications. SDS TDS