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Tenox™ TBHQ, 20 Food Grade Kosher

Tenox™ 20 is 20% tertiary-butylhydroquinone and 10% citric acid in a medium of vegetable oil, propylene glycol, and glycerides. It has high efficacy in highly unsaturated vegetable oils and edible animal fats.




Product Overview

Tenox™ TBHQ and solutions have excellent solubility in fats and oils and carry through effectiveness in frying applications. TBHQ is an alternative or supplement to oil hydrogenation for increased oxidative stability. 

Product Specifications

Physical state: Liquid
Typical color: Light amber to golden brown
TBHQ, %: 19 - 21
Critic acid, %: 9 - 11
Carrier oil: Propylene glycol
Maximum usage levels (weight % of fat and oil): .1% FDA or .05% USDA

Features & Benefits

Good carry through in baked foods
Good solubility in fats and oil
Excellent effectiveness in vegetable oils
Effective in low concentrations
No effect on odor or taste of end product


Can be used independent or combined with other antioxidants to impart stability to fats and oils. Works well in animal feeds, fish oils, fish products, frying oils, inedible fats, pet foods, potato chips, poultry fat, poultry products, snack foods, and vegetable oils. 

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Tenox™ Food Grade Antioxidants

Tenox™ food-grade antioxidants inhibit the destructive oxidation process of fats and oils, preventing deterioration of flavor and aroma, extending product shelf life, and ensuring that products reach the consumer in optimal condition.

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