Tenox™ TBHQ Food Grade Kosher

Tenox™ TBHQ food-grade antioxidant is 100% tertiary-butylhydroquinone powder. It has high efficacy in highly unsaturated vegetable oils and edible animal fats.
Product Overview
Tenox™ TBHQ (tertiary-butylhydroquinone) and solutions have excellent solubility in fats and oils and carry through effectiveness in frying applications. TBHQ is an alternative or supplement to oil hydrogenation for increased oxidative stability in various oils, fats, foods, and cosmetics; thus retarding development of rancidity in these products and extending shelf life.
Product Specifications
Physical state: Solid
Typical color: White to light tan
Melting point: 126.5-128.5°C
Odor: Very slight
Primary Chemistry: tertiary-butylhydroquinone
Features & Benefits
TBHQ is the most effective Tenox™ antioxidant for highly unsaturated vegetable oils and many edible animal fats
Effective carry-through from frying oils
Stable at high temperature
Safe at effective concentrations
Excellent stability to finished foods
Effective in low concentrations
No effect on odor or taste of end product
No discoloration when used in the presence of iron
Food grade
TBHQ can be combined with other antioxidants such as Tenox™ BHA to produce highly effective antioxidant combinations
TBHQ an be used with Tenox™ BHA and/or BHT in meat and poultry products to provide maximum protection while maintaining USDA regulatory compliance
TBHQ can be used independent or combined with other antioxidants to impart stability to fats and oils
Problems Solved
Product deterioration from oxidation
Edible fats
Fish oils
Fish products
Frying oils
Poultry fats
Vegetable oils
Skin care
Body care
Face and neck care
Lip care
Foot care
Hair colorant
Hair treatments
Hair styling
Color cosmetics
Bar soap
Bath additives