Duomeen® TDO, paste

Duomeen® TDO is an oil-soluble diamine surfactant that binds well to metal and mineral surfaces to provide a hydrophobic barrier coating.
Product Overview
Duomeen® TDO is a cationic alkyl diamine with a non polar fatty tail. It can be used as a filming amine or as wetting aid. Duomeen® TDO works well to adsorb onto metal surfaces and form a corrosion inhibiting barrier. it is frequently used for metal coatings that are subjected to marine climates. The same hydrophobic tails that prevent corrosion on metal also prove useful in waterproofing sealants. Duomeen® TDO can be used to improve the water resistance of construction and marine sealants. Duomeen® TDO is also an effective dispersing aid for hydrophobic pigments used in coatings, paints, and inks. Pigments that are dispersed with Duomeen® TDO have excellent color strength and rub resistance. In mining applications, Duomeen® TDO works well as a flotation collector for feldspar. Duomeen® TDO binds to the surface of feldspar making it hydrophobic making it easier to remove via froth flotation.
Product Specifications
Equivalent weight: 449
Appearance at 25C: Liquid/paste
Melting Point (C): 30-40
Pour Point (C): 35
Flash Point (C): 235
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg @20C): <0.1
Specific Gravity (C): 0.865(65)
Chain Length: C16-C18
HLB (Davies Scale 0-40): 6
Solubility, 25% or more: Isopropanol, mineral oil, benzene
Specific Heat (BTU/Lb/F): 0.585(100), ).602(140)
Primary Chemistry: trimethylenediamine dioleate
Features & Benefits
Excellent for dispersing inorganic pigments like titanium dioxide, chrome, cadmium and carbon black
Web offset ink additive to help reduce emulsification
Excellent concrete form release agent
Corrosion inhibitor
Binds to feldspar for froth flotation
Problems Solved
Water sensitivity of metal surfaces that ultimately leads to corrosion.
Inadequate release of concrete from forming molds.
Failure of sealants that are exposed to large amounts of water.
Metal Coatings; Marine Coatings; Pigment Dispersion; Waterproofing Sealants; Mold Release; Corrosion Inhibitor; Chain Lubricants; Froth Flotation