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Duomeen® TDO, paste

Tallow amine dioleate used for lubrication, thickening, dispersing, adhesion promotion, emulsifying, and corrosion inhibition.


390lb Drum



Product Overview

Duomeen TDO is a cataionic alkyl amine with a non polar fatty chain which can be used in marine coatings, solvent based coatings, printing inks, epoxies or pigment pastes

Product Specifications

Equivalent weight: 449
Appearance at 25C: Liquid/paste
Melting Point (C): 30-40
Pour Point (C): 35
Flash Point (C): 235
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg @20C): <0.1
Specific Gravity (C): 0.865(65)
Chain Length: C16-C18
HLB (Davies Scale 0-40): 6
Solubility, 25% or more: Isopropanol, mineral oil, benzene
Specific Heat (BTU/Lb/F): 0.585(100), ).602(140)

Features & Benefits

Excellent for dispersing inorganic pigments like titanium dioxide, chrome, cadmium and carbon black
Web offset ink additive to help reduce emulsification
Excellent concrete form release agent
Corrosion inhibitor

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