Armohib® 31, Liquid

Armohib® 31 is a thiourea corrosion inhibitor that is used on metal equipment and surfaces that are acid cleaned to prevent the formation of rust.
Product Overview
Armohib® 31 is a quaternary dibutylthiourea salt that is ideally suited to inhibit corrosion caused by acid cleaning. In meat and poultry packing plants metal equipment is often acid cleaned. Acid corrosion inhibitors need to be included in the cleaning formulation to prevent the corrosion of expensive packing equipment. Armohib® 31 is acceptable for use in acid cleaners by the USDA and helps to protect metal equipment during acid cleaning.
Product Specifications
Appearance at 25C: Liquid
Melting Point (C): -4
Pour Point (C): 0
Flash Point (C): >150
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg @20C): <1
Specific Gravity (C): 1.042(25), 1.035(35), 1.028(45)
Primary Chemistry: quaternary dibutylthiourea salt
Features & Benefits
Acid corrosion inhibitor for sulfuric, phosphoric, citric and sulfamic acids used on steel.
Can be used for rust removal in metal cleaners
Problems Solved
Rusting of metal surfaces and parts that are cleaned with acid based cleaners and detergents.
Acid Cleaners; Metal Coatings; Corrosion Inhibition