Armeen® 18D, Flake

Armeen® 18D is a primary amine with an 18 carbon hydrophobic tail. It is used as a filming amine for mold release and corrosion inhibition applications.
Product Overview
Armeen® 18D is a distilled, octadecylamine flake derived from vegetable sources. It is most commonly used as a filming amine but it can also be used as an emulsifier, thickener, and boundary lubricant. Armeen® 18D is well suited as a processing aid for elastomers and provides outstanding mold release properties for rubber manufacturing processes. When applied to metal surfaces, Armeen® 18D forms a protective film that inhibits corrosion and also provides lubrication. In addition, Armeen 18D can be used as an emulsifier for waxes, pigments, and other hydrophobic materials. Armeen® 18D has broad FDA approvals and can be used in applications that require food contact.
Product Specifications
Equivalent weight: 269
Appearance at 25C: Solid
Melting Point (C): 46
Flash Point (C): >150
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg @20C): <0.1
Specific Gravity (C): 0.791(60), 0.784(70)
Chain Length: C18
HLB (Davies Scale 0-40): 8
Viscosity (SSU): 43.5(55), 42.2(65), 39.9(75)
Solubility of H2O% (C): 9.3(65), 7.5(70), 4.0(80)
Specific Heat (BTU/Lb/F): 0.54
pKb in Water: 3.4
Initial Boiling Point (C): 2(166), 8(196), 32(232), 349(760)
Primary Chemistry: Octadecylamine
Features & Benefits
Excellent in mold release applications
Requires lower temperatures
Reduces post mold shrinkage and weight loss and less susceptible to blistering.
Facilitate filler and pigment dispersion in paints and inks
FDA 21 CFR 175.105, 176.210, 173.210, 177.2600, 178.3120, 200.11
Problems Solved
Corrosion of metal surfaces that are exposed to high levels of moisture.
Rubber sticking to mold during manufacturing resulting in defects to rubber parts.
Incompatibility of hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials.
Rubber Processing; Mold Release; Wax Emulsions; Pigment Dispersion; Hot Melt Adhesives; Anti-Corrosion Coatings; Metal Coatings