Armeen® 2HT, Flake

Armeen® 2HT is a secondary amine with an 18 carbon and 16 carbon hydrophobic tail. It is used to form a corrosion inhibiting barrier on metal surfaces.
Product Overview
Armeen® 2HT is a highly hydrophobic secondary amine that can be used to make surfaces hydrophobic. It is most commonly used to passivate metal surfaces and inhibit corrosion. Armeen® 2HT can also be used as an emulsifier for waxes, pigments, and other hydrophobic materials. It can be used to improve wetting of hydrophobic adhesives, sealants, and coatings to hydrophilic surfaces. Armeen® 2HT has broad FDA approvals and can be used in applications that require food contact.
Product Specifications
Equivalent weight: 502
Appearance at 25C: Solid
Melting Point (C): 65
Pour Point (C): 49
Flash Point (C): >150
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg @20C): <0.1
Specific Gravity (C): 0.803(60), 0.791(70), 0.788(80), 0.785(90/4)
Chain Length: C16-C18
HLB (Davies Scale 0-40): 1
Viscosity (SSU): 63.9(70), 54.1(80), 48.4(90)
Density (20C)(hg/m^3): 800(@70)
Initial Boiling Point (C): 290(760)
Primary Chemistry: Di-Hydrogenated Tallowalkylamine
Features & Benefits
Dispersing agent
Excellent as a corrosion Inhibitor
Allows surfaces to have an affinity for oil
Problems Solved
Rusting and corrosion of untreated metal surfaces.
Corrosion Inhibition; Wax Emulsions; Chemical Manufacturing; Anti-Static Coatings