TraSys® 258

Yields a long life release coating (3000+ cycles) for natural rubber parts, BR (Butadiene Rubber) parts and other polymers. Best release for Fluoropolymer parts.
Product Overview
Exhibits outstanding release or anti stick properties with low friction.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White liquid
Odor: alcohol-like
Freezing Point: -89 Degrees C
Volatile: 95%
Partly H2O soluble

Primary Chemistry: Isopropyl Alcohol, Polytetrafluoroethylene
Features & Benefits
Very clean and non-oily. Does not stain.
Problems Solved
Short lifetime of mold release coatings, especially in natural and butadiene rubber applications
Low performance of release coatings in the production of fluoropolymer parts and applications
Staining issues with the use of release coatings