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ZIP-SLIP® is an excellent preventative maintenance product that seals the edges of a mold when applied to the parting line of a rotational mold.


Product Overview

ZIP-SLIP® eliminates unwanted build-up of resin on the parting line that can cause gaps, leaks, messes, increase equipment maintenance and clean-up time. ZIP-SLIP® improves efficiencies by maintaining a tighter seal on the parting line, it helps eliminate pinholes, voids, and blowholes.

Product Specifications


Features & Benefits

Eliminate unwanted build-up of resin on the mold's parting line
Maintain a tighter mold seal, reducing leaks and messes
Improves part appearance and reduces defects caused by gaps in the parting line
Saves time on equipment maintenance and clean up


Stoner® M520 ZIP SLIP® is a preventative maintenance product for Rotational Molding to eliminate build-up on the outer sealing edge of molds.

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