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LUDOX® - Domestic Colloidal Silica

Long lead times, inconsistent quality, a lack of technical and customer service.  These are all issues businesses can face when utilizing import raw materials.  In many cases import material may offer what looks to be a cost savings, but when you factor in all of the problems that can arise that savings quickly evaporates.  Grace, an expert in silica for over 100 years, produces LUDOX® in the USA and offers reliable supply and customer service for a material that is typically difficult to import.  In addition, LUDOX® offers quality and consistency that can't be matched by common import material.

Stable Supply

Consistent Quality

Dedicated Service

LUDOX® is produced domestically and most grades are stocked by ChemPoint.  Eliminate long lead times and large minimum order quantities.

The manufacturing process for LUDOX® is tightly controlled to ensure consistency and purity from batch to batch.

ChemPoint has product experts standing by backed by the technical expertise that Grace provides.   Let us help guide you through your questions.

Find a Grade That Meets Your Specification

LUDOX® is available in many grades ranging in particle size, surface charge, counter ion, pH, and silica content.  With so many options it is likely there is a grade that matches the specifications and needs of your current manufacturing process.  See the table below to find a LUDOX® grade meets your current specifications.

Can't find your grade or not sure of the specifications?  Check out our Selector Guide to find a grade by functionality.

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