LUDOX® TM-50 is a dispersion of anionic silica with a particle size of 22 nm. It is often used as a frictionizing agent in paper and textile coatings.
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Product Overview
LUDOX® TM-50 is an alkaline, aqueous colloidal silica that contains 50% anionic silica particles stabilized with sodium ions. The particle size of LUDOX® TM-50 and the high concentration of silica make it an excellent choice for surface modification applications.
Product Specifications
Density (g/cm³, lb/gal): 1.4, 11.6
Boiling Point (760 mm Hg) °C/°F: 100/212
Melting Point °C/°F: 0/32
Vapor Pressure (25°C) mm Hg: 24
Vapor Pressure (38°C) mm Hg: 48
Stabilizing Counter Ion: Sodium
Particle Charge: Negative
Biocide ppm: 500
Primary Chemistry: Colloidal Silica
Features & Benefits
Outstanding surface modification properties
Intermediate particle size with high silica content
Ultra high purity.
Ideal for use in sensitive polishing applications.
High temperature stability
Problems Solved
Seam slippage during production and processing of textiles.
Coatings with too much gloss and luster.
Blocking of freshly dried paint films.

LUDOX® TM-50 is commonly used in paper and textile coatings to increase friction and reduce slip.

In functional coating applications where optical clarity is not a concern LUDOX® TM-50 can be used to prevent blocking of dried films. It can also be used to deluster a coating due to its particle size.

LUDOX® TM-50 can be used as an abrasive in polishing slurries used for the manufacture of silicon wafers and other delicate electronics.