DeLaval Executive Brand Iodophors

DeLaval's Executive Brand Iodophors has a wide variety of solutions that are nearly custom designed to fit your unique requirements and specifications. This offers you flexibility and control to achieve your desired results with DeLaval's high performance detergents and sanitizers that can be used at any point in the disinfection and sanitizing in the food and beverage industry - from cleaning poultry drinking water to lubricating conveyor belts, from disinfecting and/or sanitizing food contact surfaces to non-food contact surfaces - across all types of materials of construction, including stainless and soft metals. Some of these products are concentrates for production into finished products via supplemental registrations or sold as ready to resell finished sanitizers and disinfectants.
In addition to a wide range of chemistries, DeLaval's tech service is unmatched to offer consistent, reliable and efficient cleaning and sanitizing. These solutions can help you increase quality, shelf life, exceed government regulatory guidelines and reduce costs by reducing labor, chemical, and energy expenses. 


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