Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer

Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer is an EPA registered non-iodine acid sanitizer for C.I.P. and C.O.P. systems, tanks, and backflush systems. Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer is ideal for food processing and dairy equipment where both sanitizing and acidifying surfaces are needed.
Product Overview
Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer is EPA registered to sanitize hard, non-porous surfaces throughout food processing facilities. Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer has been designed for usage in C.I.P., C.O.P., and non-circulation systems. Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer is non-foaming acid-based sanitizer.

Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer is highly concentrated but has reduced phosphates due to its unique acid blend. Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer is ideal where both sanitizing and acidification is required. This acidification will help remove scale and mineral buildup and help extend the life of stainless-steel processing equipment.

Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer EPA registration # 4959-42-82882 (EPA Est. no 4959-IL-01 (E), 4959-TX-01 (D), 4959-CA-01(F)). Request the product EPA label for more details and directions of use.
Product Specifications
Physical state: Liquid
Appearance: Clear Colorless
Water solubility: Soluble
Odor: Pungent
Specific Gravity: 1.22

Primary Chemistry: Acid Blend; Decanoic Acid, Nonanoic Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Propionic Acid
Features & Benefits
EPA approved sanitizer
Organic soil tolerance
Effectiveness over a wide range of bacterial, viral, and other micro-organic contaminants
Regular use prevents formation of milkstone and mineral stone on food contact surfaces.

Dilution rates: 1 ounce of Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer to 6 gallons water, 90 ppm of decanoic and nocanoic acid.

CIP or COP systems:
1-2 ounce of Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer to 6 gallons water. pH must be below 4. Circulate through system for a minimum of 2 minutes. Completely drain and allow to air dry.

Mechanical Operations:
Prepared use solution may be reused for cleaning purposes.

Manual Operations:
1 ounce of Mega-San® Acid Sanitizer to 6 gallons water, fresh solution must be prepared daily or more often if solution becomes dirty or soiled.
Problems Solved
Use restrictions for iodine-based sanitizers
Acid sanitizers efficacy in CIP, COP, or backflush systems
Cost efficiency and low dilution rate
Equipment sanitizing
Tank sanitizing
Vat sanitizing
Disinfection and sanitization of walls
Disinfection and sanitization of floors
Disinfection and sanitization of conveyors
Disinfection and sanitization of processing equipment
Disinfection and sanitization of food contact surfaces
Disinfection and sanitization of dairy processing equipment