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Lupasol® G 20

50% aqueous solution of polyethylenimine with a molecular weight around 1,300.




Product Overview

Lupasol® G 20, a 50% aqueous solution, is a multi-functional cationic polyethyleneimine (PEI) with a branched polymer structure. The unique properties of Lupasols allow them to promote adhesion, disperse fillers and pigments, flocculate suspended solids, enhance and modify surface characteristics, protect materials after surface modification and bind unwanted materials. 

Product Specifications

Average molar mass: 1,300
Viscosity @ 25°C: 1,500
Concentration: 50%
Color: clear to slightly cloudy, colorless to rarely yellowish liquid at room temp.
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylenimine

Features & Benefits

Miscible with water in all proportions
Flowable liquids
Ames negative
No detectable ethylenimine importunity
Three types of bonding: ionic, hydrogen and van der Waals Forces


Adhesives, Complexing, Coatings and paints, Pigment manufacture, and Protein immobilization. 

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Lupasol® Polyethylenimine Adhesion Promoters

Lupasol® polyethylenimine adhesion promoters are the highest charge density cationic polymers available. They offer numerous solutions for adhesion between similar and dissimilar materials, tackification, dispersement of fillers and pigments, enhanced wetting characteristics, and low VOCs.

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