Lupasol® G 20

Lupasol® G 20 is an aqueous polyethylenimine solution that is used in paints and coatings to improve adhesion in high humidity environments.
Product Overview
Lupasol® G 20 is a 50% aqueous solution of a low molecular weight, branched polyethylenimine polymer. It is commercially available as a colorless to pale yellow, viscous liquid in both drum and tote packaging. Lupasol® G 20 has a high cationic charge density that makes it useful as an adhesion promoter, dispersing agent, and flocculant in various applications. Due to the cationic nature of the polymer, Lupasol® G 20 is recommended for use in alkaline, nonionic and cationic formulations. Lupasol® G 20 is soluble in water and other polar solvents and can be easily diluted to your target working concentration.
Product Specifications
Average molar mass: 1,300
Viscosity @ 25°C: 1,500
Concentration: 50%
Color: clear to slightly cloudy, colorless to rarely yellowish liquid at room temp.
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylenimine
Features & Benefits
Low molecular weight polymer
Miscible with water in all proportions
Flowable liquids
Ames negative
No detectable ethylenimine importunity
Three types of bonding: ionic, hydrogen and van der Waals Forces
Excellent adhesion promoters
Fixing agent in hair treatment products
FDA 175.105 approved for lamination or sealing of food packaging items
Problems Solved
Adhesion failure of architectural coatings and paints on wet surfaces.
Poor adhesion of kitchen and bathroom paints.
Lupasol® G 20 is most commonly used in latex paints and coatings for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high humidity environments to improve wet adhesion of the paint.
Even a very small concentration (0.1%) of Lupasol® G 20 added to a emulsion paint results in a significant improvement in wet adhesion.
Lupasol® G 20 can be added directly to the paint formulation and makes the use of special monomers in latex paint manufacturing unnecessary.