Lupasol® WF

Lupasol® WF is a branched water-free polyethylenimine with a medium molecular weight of 25,000. It is typically used as an adhesion promoter, oxides scavenger, and fixing agent.
Product Overview
Lupasol® WF is a branched polyethylenimine polymer with an ultra high cationic charge density. Lupasol® WF is "water-free" and can be easily made into a solution of desired solids content using water or most polar solvents. The high charge density of Lupasol® WF makes it highly efficient at promoting adhesion, dispersing fillers and pigments, flocculating suspended solids, enhancing and modifying surface characteristics, protecting materials after surface modification, and binding unwanted materials. Lupasol® WF is commercially available as a highly viscous, clear to slightly turbid, "jelly like" liquid. The high viscosity of Lupasol® WF can make it difficult to work with in commercial applications. In applications that must remain anhydrous, Lupasol® WF can be diluted with toluene and xylene to produce an opaque, homogeneous emulsion that is easier to work with.
Product Specifications
Average molar mass:
Viscosity @ 20°C: 200,000
Concentration: 99%
Color: clear to slightly cloudy, colorless to yellowish liquid at room temp.
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylenimine
Features & Benefits
Miscible with water in all proportions
Flowable liquids
Ames negative
No detectable ethylenimine importunity
Three types of bonding: ionic, hydrogen and van der Waals Forces
Heavy metal chelation
Fixing agent in hair treatment products
Broad range of FDA approvals
Problems Solved
Low adhesive strength of printing inks for sandwich-printed laminated films.
Poor adhesive properties of
styrene-butadiene rubber towards fibers incorporated in car tires.
Lupasol® WF is often used as an adhesion promoter in the manufacture of car tires.
The addition of Lupasol® WF in this application increases the adhesive properties of styrene-butadiene rubber towards the reinforcing fibers incorporated into the tire.

In printing ink applications Lupasol® WF is a highly effective adhesion promoter.
It is especially useful in printing inks for laminated films used in packaging.
Typical dosage rates for ink formulations ranges from 0.5-1%.