Capstone™ FS-35

Capstone™ FS-35 is a nonionic fluorosurfactant that dramatically reduces surface tension of aqueous and solvent based formulations. It's most often used in paints, inks, cleaners, and floor care formulations.
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Product Overview
Capstone™ FS-35 is an APEO and VOC free, nonionic fluorosurfactant that provides exceptionally low surface tension to water-based or solvent-based formulations at very low usage rates. The reduction of surface tension provided by Casptone™ FS-35 makes it an ideal wetting and leveling aid for coating, ink, cleaner, and floor care formulations.. Capstone™ FS-35 is compatible with resins of any ionic class and it's stability in acidic, basic, and hard water environments make it exceptionally easy to incorporate into a variety of formulations. Capstone™ FS-35 has low foaming properties and will resist the formation of foam when agitated. It is available commercially as a 25% solids solution in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Light yellow to dark amber liquid
pH: 5.5-7.5 g/mL
Specific Gravity: 1.1 g/mL
Stability: Freeze-thaw stable
Composition: 25% solids
Shelf Life: 5 years
Primary Chemistry: Nonionic Fluorosurfactant
Features & Benefits
Compatible with additives and resins of any ionic class
Stable in acidic, basic, brine, and hard water environments
Provides wetting and leveling
Lowers surface tension
Reduces surface defects
Compatible with hydrocarbon surfactants Improved etching efficiency
Effective plating bath aid
Low foaming
Problems Solved
Surface defects caused by poor leveling.
Poor wetting of surfaces by water-based inks.
Insufficient penetration of floor care products due to high surface tension.
When added to floor care, paint, or ink formulations at use rates ranging from 0.01-0.1% actives, Capstone™ FS-35 provides drastic improvement of wetting and leveling. This leads to a reduction of surface defects like cratering, orange peel, and pinholes.

In cleaning solutions Capstone™ FS-35 is added at rates of 0.01-0.1% actives to increase wetting of oils and improve penetration of the surface to improve overall cleaning performance.