Easy to use, Low GWP Refrigerant to Directly Replace R404A and R507 (ASHRAE R442A) in Wide Range of Low & Medium Temperature Refrigerant Applications.
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Product Overview

RS-50 is a low global warming potential (GWP) replacement for harsher refrigeration technologies like R404A, R507, and R22. The RS-50 is an HFC blend that provides excellent performance in medium & low chiller systems.

RS-50 is an excellent drop-in replacement for R404A, R507 with superior performance in:
Global Warming Potential (GWP) Less than Half, Considerably Lower Mass Flow, High Thermal Capacity, Higher Coefficient of Performance (COP), and Increase in Energy Efficiency.

RS-50 is an ideal solution for both new and retrofitting for compressor based and close loop refrigeration systems.

Product Specifications

ASHRAE Number: R442A
Molecular Weight: 81.8
Temperature Glide: ~4.6 K
Ozone Depletion Potential: Zero
Critical Temperature: 180.3°F (82.4°C)
Critical Pressure: 47.6 Bara (690 psia)
Boiling Point (@ 1 atm): -51.6°F (-46.5°C)
Liquid Density (25°C): 1108 kg/m³
Density of Saturated Vapor (25°C): 47.7 kg/m³
Latent Heat of Vaporization at Boiling Point: 266 kJ/kg
Vapor Pressure (25°C): 13.3 bara (192 psia)
Surface Tension (25°C): 0.00661 N/m

Features & Benefits
Significantly Lower GWP compared to R404A and R507 Suitable in OEM and Retrofit Applications Compatible with Polyol Ester Lubricants (POE) used in R404A systems Non-Flammable and Low Toxicity Meets Marterial Requirements for ASHRAE R442A
Problems Solved
Refrigerant Incompatibility with Lubricant Type Inferior Flow Rate Refrigeration Market Technologies Harmful Refrigeration Gases with Negative Environmental Impact Replacement Refrigerants that Require Extensive Component Retrofi High Levels of Ozone Depletion Leading to Global Warming

RS-50 can be used in a wide range of refrigerant systems currently using R404A or R507. These applications include, but do not limit to:

Supermarket Display Cases & Freezers, Cold Storage, Hockey or Ice Rink, Industrial & Commercial Freezers, Refrigerated Transport Market, Ice Machines, Beer Cellars, Freeze Dryers & Environmental Chambers.