COREACTANT 9L10 is an isocyanate coreactant that is used in 2 component polyester adhesive systems. It is recommended for use with ADCOTE adhesives.
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Product Overview
COREACTANT 9L10 is recommended to be used as a curing agent with 2 part polyester laminating adhesives including ADCOTE 812, ADCOTE 102E, ADCOTE 506-40, ADCOTE 503A, ADCOTE 123, and ADCOTE 76R44. When incorporated into ADCOTE adhesives, COREACTANT 9L10 drastically improves the weather resistance of the adhesive. This makes it an ideal solution for laminations that need long term outdoor durability.
Product Specifications

Primary Chemistry: Polymeric Isocyanate
Features & Benefits
Increase bond strength and durability
Problems Solved
Adhesion failure due to long term exposure to weather
Cable wraps; Industrial laminations; Outdoor bags