COREACTANT F is a polyurethane resin that is used in 2 component ADCOTE laminating adhesives. It forms bonds with excellent heat resistance.
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Product Overview
COREACTANT F is recommended for use with ADCOTE 548, ADCOTE 102E, ADCOTE 503E, ADCOTE 545, and ADCOTE 123. This polyurethane resin provides excellent bond strength and heat resistance when used as a component of 2 part polyurethane laminating adhesives. The durability provided by COREACTANT F makes it ideal for laminations that are exposed to extreme temperatures and aggressive chemicals.
Product Specifications

Primary Chemistry: Polyurethane resin
Features & Benefits
Bond strength
Heat resistance
Chemical resistance
Problems Solved
Adhesion failure of laminating adhesives when exposed to high heat and aggressive chemicals
Cable Wraps; Medical Packaging; Pouches; Condiment Packaging