CR 7-103

CR 7-103 is a curative that is used with the water-based polyurethane adhesive AQUA-LAM 444A. It provides optimum bond strength and excellent clarity.
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Product Overview
CR 7-103 is a component of the 2 part AQUA-LAM 444A water based laminating adhesive. This coreactant helps to optimize bond strength of laminations and produces adhesive films with excellent clarity and thermal resistance. The AQUA-LAM 444A / CR 7-10m adhesive system offers an incredibly fast slitting time of 5 minutes and a low nip temperature making it ideal for rapid production of flexible packaging.
Product Specifications

Primary Chemistry: Epoxy
Features & Benefits
Outstanding bond strength
Excellent clarity and heat resistance
Slitting time of 5 minutes
Low nip temperature
Good green bond strength
Problems Solved
Inefficiencies of flexible packaging operations due to slow slitting times
Adhesion failure of water-based adhesives due to exposure to heat
Blister Packs; Snack Food Packaging