CR 87-124

CR 87-124 is a polyether polyol coreactant that is designed to be used along with LAMAL 408-40 as part of a 2 component laminating adhesive system.
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Product Overview
CR 87-124 in combination with LAMAL 408-40 is a 2 component polyurethane laminating adhesive that has excellent resistance to humidity and heat. It is ideal for flexible packaging applications that require bond strength, durability, and optical clarity.
Product Specifications

Primary Chemistry: Polether Polyol / Polyurethane Resin
Features & Benefits
Heat resistance
Moisture resistance
Fast development of strong adhesive bonds
Optical clarity
Fast slitting time
Problems Solved
Failure of 2 component polyurethane adhesive due to exposure to heat and moisture over extended periods of time
Slow adhesive bond development
Cosmetic Packaging; Shrink Labels; Flexible Packaging