MOR-FREE™ C-411 is a polyol coreactant that is used in combination with isocyanates as part of a solventless laminating adhesive system.
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Product Overview
MOR-FREE™ C-411 is a polyol that was designed to be used with isocyanate grades of MOR-FREE™ including 403A, 421, and L75-164 as part of a 100% solids polyurethane laminating adhesive system. MOR-FREE™ C-411 provides rapid bond development and allows for less time prior to post processing of laminates (slit time).
Product Specifications
Solids: 100%
Viscosity: 1100 cps
Weight/Gallon: 9.2 lb (1.10 g/cc)
Appearance: Clear
Mix Ratio: 100 pbw 40 pbw
Shelf Life: 360 days
Primary Chemistry: Polyol
Features & Benefits
Zero VOC
Works well with most isocyanate grades of MOR-FREE™
Rapid bond development
FDA Compliant
Problems Solved
Slow bond development of laminating adhesives that leads to slower processing time of laminations used in flexible packaging
Snack Food Packaging; Stand Up Pouches; Frozen Food Packaging; Confectionery Packaging